The Cash Flow Plan

·         A 60-75 minute video conference or in-person planning session using the Money Map Calculator:

o    Real time look into your financial life, exposing how much you’re spending and specific changes you should make as soon as today. This session will look at where you are and provide exact spending targets for:

§  Bills – Learn what you should be spending on car, house, phone and other household expenses.

§  Savings – Determine your monthly savings amount and set up on the spot automation.

§  Debt – Design a debt payoff plan, ensuring you are paying off debt as efficiently as possible.

§  Investments – Maximize your investments by ensuring you are sending money to the correct accounts (IRA, 401K, Brokerage, Etc)

  • This is an implementation session specifically designed to create a cash flow plan to help achieve all your goals.

Package Price: $500

To get started or ask questions, schedule your introductory consultation below. Note: This is a free call not included in your paid session.